Warranty Information


All harps from Telenn Ar Menez - Mountain Harp are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and against structural failure due to normal usage, for five years from the date of purchase. This applies only to the purchase of newly manufactured harps, not to used harps sold by the original owner or someone else.

There are several things this warranty does not cover or extend to:

  1. Damage caused by accidents, abuse, neglect, indelicate handling, improper storage and transportation, extremes of temperature or humidity, fire, floods, or any "acts of nature".
  2. Damage due to use of improper strings or unauthorized modifications or repairs.
  3. Damage incurred during any shipping the owner or a second-hand seller initiates. (Our harps are shipped fully insured, so this exclusion applies to any shipping done after the original owner receives the harp directly from us).
  4. Inevitable movements of joints (such as the neck/body joint and the pillar/baseplate joint) and any small "hairline" fractures that can occur from the fact that wood can and will expand and contract due to natural changes in temperature and humidity. The latter should be very rare and will seldom affect the playability of the instrument
  5. Everyday wear and tear on the instrument and all the inevitable nicks and scratches that the universe has ordained WILL happen, whether we like it or not.
  6. This warranty does not include lever regulation or any maintenance of the harp, nor replacement of broken strings.
  7. While the soundboard has been dried to a very low moisture content before being glued onto the body/shell of the harp, we cannot guarantee that the soundboard will not eventually develop some cracks due to excessive dryness in the environment the harp is kept in. Such cracks, if they were to appear, would usually not affect the sound of the harp.


You will receive an information sheet with your harp on its care and maintenance which discusses how to care for your harp, make some very minor repairs to scratches and nicks, and how to avoid damaging it. It also discusses in more detail how to avoid putting your harp into situations which can void the warranty, and general tips for keeping it healthy. You should read this information thoroughly when you first receive your harp.