Pricing Information

Harp Prices

Our Al Labous model is currently priced at an introductory rate of $2800 USD. This does not include the price of shipping, a case, or any levers. With 36 Truitt levers it is priced at $3540 (shipping and a case not included). For more information on pricing options on levers and shipping, contact us via the information on the "Contact Us" page.



Tuning Keys

All our harps come supplied with a rubber or wood handle tuning key. Additional tuning keys can be purchased through North Shore Strings/Vermont Strings/Robinson's Harp Shop. Current price for these rubber encased tuning keys is $15.50 US, or $14.00 for the wood handle tuning keys, plus shipping and handling (and tax if applicable).

Replacement Strings

Replacements for broken strings can also be purchased through North Shore Strings, Vermont Strings, or Robinson's Harp shop (click on the link above). Please refer to the stringband information sheet supplied with your harp, or contact us and we can send one to you.

Harp Covers

Soft harp covers for our Al Labous model can be purchased through Four Seasons Harp Covers, or we can ship the soft case with your harp. The current price for a soft cover from Four Seasons Harp Covers designed to fit our Al Labous model is $280 plus $20 for shipping and handling. If you order the case directly from Four Seasons make sure to specify the name of our harp model and our company name.